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To install Windows 10 using an earlier versions of Windows, you could wait and use the default software updater for an automatic installation. Or you could do it now by yourself using this official tool, which allows you to download an ISO image and even create a DVD or USB installation to use on other computers.

When you open the program, it will ask you whether you want to update your current Windows system or create an installation disc. Otherwise, you'll be able to choose where you want to save the new files, which will replace their older versions.

Keep in mind that the Windows 10 version that gets installed depends on what you had previously. So, if you have Windows 7 Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium, 8, or 8.1, you'll get Windows 10 Home. If you have Windows 7 Professional, Ultimate, or any of the other 8 or 8.1 Pro editions, you'll get Windows 10 Pro. Either way, keep in mind that you have to enter in the information related to your operating system's legally registered version.
Only 2 weeks left to update to Windows 10 for free

This July 29th will mark a year since the official launch of Windows 10. It's also the final date for you to upgrade your previous version of Windows (from Windows 7 upwards) for free. From then on, to get Windows 10 you'll have to dish out $119 – so get on the ball within the next 14 days and save yourself a pretty penny.
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How to solve installation problems in Windows 10

Today the whole world is being turned upside down with the update to Windows 10, and if at this point you haven’t heard the news it’s because you just woke up. What the update itself hasn’t completely resolved are the problems occurring when it comes to installing it via Microsoft’s automated processes, which are oversaturated given the massive number of requests currently being made. Here we explain how to check if there’s a problem with the installation and how to resolve it.
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Five things to do after installing Windows 10

Now that Windows 10 is here – and as usual after the release of a new operating system – we’re still fiddling around to figure out what can be done with it. We’ve already talked till we were blue in the face about Cortana, the Edge browser, and the new Start menu, so we’re going to avoid repeating ourselves and focus here on things to do after installing the Windows 10 update to calibrate it with the rest of your system.
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Depending on which version of Windows and the type of processor you currently have, you'll have to download the corresponding 32 or 64 bit version.